Delivery Time: 3-7 Days

Price: € 17

Using this service we provide 4 LOCK :

1. Network Code (NCK)
2. Unfreeze Code (MCK)
3. Subset Code (SCK)
4. Subset Provider Code (SPCK)

Samsung USA Service, RETURN POLICY CHANGES. Please notice, Samsung Services > Samsung USA, we have listed a NOT SUPPORTED section on server notes. All these models are no longer supported by us but can be ordered at your own risk.

Not Supported: Captivate (i897), Galaxy Express (i437), Galaxy S4 (i337/M919), Galaxy S 4G (T959v), Note 2 (i317/T889), Vibrant (T959)



 Codes are from factory database, if it not work then it's your phone OS problem. NoRefund for this service.